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Advantages of Virtual Meetings That Will Make You Want to Run One ASAP

For most of us, meetings don’t belong among our favourite activities. “This meeting could be an email”, is a phrase that circles around like a bitter joke.

Luckily, there’s an alternative we’d like you to consider. One that has been growing more and more popular for years now: virtual meetings.

The advantages of virtual meetings are many. Today, we dive into 10 of them to see if we can convince you to host your next meeting from behind a screen.

Advantages of Virtual Meetings

Oftentimes, online calls are the more efficient way to communicate with your team.

Virtual meetings have multiple advantages, especially if traditional, in-person meetings make you shudder.

#1: They’re Easier to Join, Even at the Last Moment

The main advantage of virtual meetings is that they don’t require a commute. Wherever you are, in your office or at home, all you need to do is to fire up your video conferencing software.

Thanks to that, it’s so much easier to bring people together. If you need someone to join in, they only need to get to their computer or phone – even at the last minute.

#2: They Allow You to Reach Out to People Farther Away

Because distance is no longer an issue, virtual meetings allow you to reach out farther.

You can employ people from different cities or even countries, or win clients miles away. Your online events can accommodate a country-wide audience. You’re no longer physically limited by local factors.

#3: They Allow Simultaneous Collaboration With Real-Time Results

One of the biggest advantages of virtual meetings is their technological pluses.

Simultaneous collaboration is a good example. Use whiteboard software to let your call participants add their ideas to mind maps, charts, or flows. Think of it as a standard whiteboard. But this one doesn’t hang on a wall – but it’s laid before every participant to scribble on. And all changes are reflected in real-time and automatically saved.

#4: They Allow You to Get More People on Board

Virtual meetings allow you to get in touch with people who wouldn’t normally make it to the meeting. Team members from other cities or those currently on a business trip can easily hop in, no matter how far they are.

Virtual meetings are also a great idea if you have no possibility to physically accommodate all participants.

#5: They are Easier to Archive

Much of the communication exchanged during “classic”, in-person meetings is lost soon after they end. From important take-outs to agenda, certain details simply fade – especially when not archived the right way.

Easy archiving is one of the biggest advantages of virtual meetings.

The best example is that every virtual conference can be recorded, either in video or in audio format. Then, you can easily store it locally or in the cloud. You can go back to this “source” file later on or share it with people who weren’t able to attend the meeting in the first place.

#6: They Are (or at Least Can Be) Cheaper

Hosting an ordinary, in-person meeting can generate a variety of costs. These can be reduced or even eliminated entirely if your meeting is virtual.
Such costs can include:

  • commute and travel costs
  • meeting equipment costs (projectors, supplies, etc.)
  • venue renting costs
  • cost of producing meeting materials, such as hands out (everything can be paperless)

Obviously, virtual meetings have special costs of their own. Oftentimes, these are moved to individual participants rather than the company as a whole. Overall, however, from a business perspective, meeting online can be cheaper and more eco-friendly.

#7: Screen Sharing

Staring at a projector’s image from a distance is not necessarily people’s favorite part of a meeting. It also usually displays one device at a time – the one of the meeting’s leader.

Virtual meetings have a solution of their own to that problem – screen sharing.
It allows one or even multiple participants to share their device’s screen. It’s simple and hassle-free. Usually, it’s the best way to present results, tasks, progress, or issues that should be brought to light.

#8: Speech to Text Conversion

Converting speech to text during or after meetings has a variety of uses. You can use it to increase accessibility for hearing-impaired employees or to quickly create meeting notes.

Such written-style files are easier to scan, save and share. This in turn translates to productive use of everything that has been said during your virtual meeting.

#9: Shareable Takeaways

All these technological advantages of virtual meetings contribute to easier takeaway sharing.

Using different functionalities, from video recordings to text-to-speech files, you can “take” your virtual meetings with you. Their content can be transformed into shareable, easy-to-digest formats – and then emailed or uploaded to your virtual working space.

Over to You

These 9 advantages of virtual meetings could be the reason for your team to finally appreciate online communication. They’re easier to join and so many times, come with less hassle and minimized costs.

Feeling convinced to give them a try yet?