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10 Best Trello Power-Ups to Try Out Today

Trello is a popular task management and collaboration platform loved by many people around the world. Besides an impressive number of features Trello offers for free, it also stands out with its special power-up system.

Today, let’s focus on these small extension-like features. 

Here are the 10 best Trello power-ups that can seriously up your task management game.

What Are Trello Power-Ups?

Before we begin, let’s take a quick look at what Trello power-ups actually are.

Here’s how the platform’s developers explain it:

“Power-Ups and integrations allow you to bring additional features to your boards and integrate your favorite apps right into Trello. They can pull information and data from outside services directly into Trello, giving you clear perspective on your favorite tools for work. Power-Ups will help you meet your unique Trello needs!”

In other words, Trello power-ups are a form of an add-on or a widget. It is created either by the Trello team or developers of other apps. The main point of a power-up is to expand Trello’s features. That often happens by integrating them with external solutions.

Trello Power-Ups menu as seen on the platfrom - Trello screenshot
Trello Power-Ups Menu

How Much Are Trello Power-Ups?

Trello power-ups are mostly free

However, if an extension is developed by someone else than the Trello team, it may come with an additional fee.

“Many Power-Ups and integrations are free, while others have service costs that come from the third-party developers that create and maintain them”, you can read on Trello’s support page.

That said, let’s jump straight into the 10 best Trello power-ups you can add to your board today.

Best Trello Power-Ups

The list below contains the best 10 Trello power-ups – subjectively speaking, of course.

While the majority of all available extensions are useful and helpful, the goal of this list is to keep it simple and down to the most straightforward solutions.


From developers:

Bring perspective to due dates with the Calendar Power-Up for Trello. Whether you are planning a conference, managing an editorial calendar, or organizing a family vacation, the Calendar Power-Up lets you display cards with due dates in a weekly or monthly calendar view.

Trello’s calendar power-up gives you access to something that is normally locked behind a premium subscription: a calendar view of your board.

As a free user, you can view your project as a kanban board, which is mostly used for visualising workflows. As a premium user, you have access to other views, including Calendar, Ganntt chart, Timeline or a Dashboard. The calendar Trello power-up, allows you to use the Calendar view even on your free plan.

Who Created This Power up?

The Calendar power-up is created by the Trello team.

Card Repeater

From developers:

The Card Repeater Power-Up for Trello automates the creation of Trello cards for repeated tasks, giving you one less thing to have to think about. Simply set the schedule on a card and Trello will automatically make an exact copy of that card at the given date and time.

We all have tasks that repeat periodically; instead of copying a card with an assignment, you can set it to automatically renew. Simply set the conditions (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) and which list the task belongs to.

It’s an easy set and forget.

Who Created This Power-Up?

Card repeater power-up is made by the Trello team.

Package Tracker

From developers:

The Package Tracker Power-Up for Trello powered by Shippo lets you attach tracking numbers right to the back of Trello cards. You’ll see an up-to-date shipping status and expected delivery date on the card front to track your orders. Works with FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, and more (incl. international services).

Package Tracker is a wonderful solution for all owners of e-commerce stores. If tracking your items was always a hassle, this power-up solves it. Instead of going to the courier’s tracking site, you can import your tracking number and see the progress conveniently on your board.

Who Created This Power-Up?

Package tracker power-up is made by the Trello team and supported by Shippo.

Card Ageing

From developer:

Easily spot which cards on your board have not been active lately with the Card Ageing Power-Up for Trello. As cards fade (Regular mode) or yellow and tear (Pirate mode) you can see which tasks and projects may have fallen by the wayside and should be archived or need a status report, making sure your boards stay relevant and up-to-date.

Card ageing power-up is a perfect solution to stay on top of your old tasks. If you’re one of those people who create tasks just to forget about them along the way, this power-up is for you. Thanks to the visible marking of old assignments, you’ll always see where you need to go back.

Who Created This Power-Up?

Card Ageing power-up is made by the Trello team.

Due Next

From developers:

Whether it’s a client meeting around a deadline or an internal presentation with stakeholders describing your project’s timeline, sometimes you need to focus on what’s due next. Due Next will help you schedule, plan and forecast what you can and can’t do. Think of it like a Gantt chart, but flat.

Not everyone is fond of the visual way Trello displays and manages upcoming deadlines. Due Next is a useful addon that improves this feature – through separate display, sorting and filtering functionalities.

Note that Due Next is not a free Trello power-up – its 14-day free trial is followed by annual billing of 0.99 USD per month or monthly of 2 USD.

Who Created This Power-Up?

Due Next power-up is made by Orah Apps.

File management category in Trello Power-Ups - platform screenshots
Trello Power-Ups are divided by categories – easy to find!

Gmail by Cardbox

From developers:

Build a powerful shared inbox for your team. Connect multiple Gmail inboxes per board.

This is one of those Trello power-ups that is pretty much an integration. With this extension, you can sync your inbox (or several of them) into one of your project boards. That in turn allows you to manage your email-related tasks more easily by answering straight from your board and creating multiple cards related to one email.

Who Created This Power-Up?

Gmail power-up is made by Cardbox.


From developers:

Every single Trello board has a unique email address that allows you to create new Trello cards by sending or forwarding emails to that address. You can even select the list and position you would like those new cards to be created on. Just click on the Configure button at the top to get an email address for this board.

Another one of the email-related Trello power-ups, Email-to-board, works in a similar manner to Gmail by Cardbox. The main difference is that these aren’t conversation threads. Still, this power-up is useful to create tasks based on feedback, requests or information received from your clients, partners or co-workers via email.

Who Created This Power-Up?

Email-to-board power-up is made by the Trello team.


From developer:

Your quiz, survey, or form is out there. People love it. And now the responses are rollllling in. Maybe you have new leads for your sales peeps. Perhaps it’s feedback for customer support. Or RSVPs to your GoT-themed murder mystery party. Follow up quickly with this Power-Up.

Typeform is a free, aesthetic way to survey your clients and gather their data – for example, as a lead capture tool on your website or in a social media post. While the poll responses are available directly in the platform, this Trello power-up imports them directly to your board so you can act on them faster and in a more effective way.

Who Created This Power-Up?

Typeform power-up is made by Typeform.

Help Scout

From developers:

The Help Scout Power-Up shows up-to-date information about conversations attached to a card. Thousands of businesses in more than 140 countries use Help Scout to make every customer support interaction more human & more helpful.

Who Created This Power-Up?

Helpscout is great when it comes to supporting your customers. However, if a client needs from you more than to reply to their message, use Helpscout power-up for Trello. It will turn your tickets into cards, which automatically makes them easier to manage and address in a timely manner.

Helpscout power-up is made by Helpscout.

File Manager

From developers:

Looking for a way to view and manage all your files on a Trello board? Quit clicking from card to card, and get organized with the File Manager Power-Up. Search, download and delete files fast.

Trello’s got many strong points, but mass-managing attachments isn’t one of them. This file manager power-up allows you to perform bulk actions on attachments in the entire board. Instead of searching each card for its attachment, you can use this power-up to search, download and delete multiple files from one menu – and that’s a significant difference if you want to save yourself time and work.

Who Created This Power-Up?

File Manager power-up is made by Tiny Power-Ups Club.

The best Trello power-ups. Recommendations for small business by Guide2Cloud

Best Trello Power-ups – Over to You

And here you go – a simple and practical list to help you get started with the best Trello power-ups.

But remember – you’ll find a variety of different power-ups available in Trello to help you with your daily tasks.

Be sure to keep researching and exploring on your own!

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