Involving Your Employees In Choosing Business Software – the Beginner’s Guide

There are at least 10 different ways to make your employees use business software. But before you try them out, there’s something you need to do even before your team tries to adopt some solution. We’re talking about involving your employees in choosing business software.

It’s something not to omit and that is for a few good reasons.

Today, you’ll learn how to make your people a part of the decision-making process.

Why Is It Important to Involve Your Team?

But before we dive into the tips, let’s tackle one vital question.

Why is involving your employees in choosing business software important?

It’s not uncommon to believe such decisions are up to the company’s management. After all, it’s the higher-ups who define the budget and goals.

But making sure your employees are part of the process is essential for success.

Here’s why.

Better Results of Adaptation

Employees who are involved in choosing business software will have it easier to adapt it. 

They’ll be at least partially familiar with it the moment they get to work with it. Thanks to that, they’ll have somewhat of a head start. Let them have this advantage to make adopting new technologies easier.

More Hands to Test and Spot Issues

Testing is a vital part of any software selection process. It’s a no-brainer that the more people do it, the more thorough that testing will be.

Additionally, by involving employees in software testing, you get more feedback. It’s priceless knowledge. It will allow you to understand your people’s needs and struggles better. That, in turn, will make your decision more educated and fact-based.

They Might Be Keener to Use

Involving your employees in choosing business software has one more very strong benefit. Just the way you’re more likely to wear clothes you bought yourself, they will be more likely to use the platform they’ve helped choose.

As said above, they will already have the advantage of knowing the app from the previous testing. But at the same time, there will be less resistance related to the feeling of being left out of the decision-making process. 

Involving Your Employees In Choosing Business Software

With all that said, let’s take a look at what you can do to involve your employees in choosing business software.

Ask Them to Do Their Own Research

A good way to start is to ask your team to research the app market on their own (these business software resources will be helpful). Instead of giving them a premade list of options to choose from, let them look around. This will allow them to dip their toes into the topic. Furthermore, by working independently from you, they might stumble upon solutions you haven’t discovered.

Ask Them to Test

Because we’ve already elaborated on this one, there’s no need to repeat it. But let’s leave it here anyway. Involve your team in testing the apps included on your shortlist. Gather their feedback, thoughts and comments.

Request Their Feedback

Collective feedback, a median of opinion so to say, will only get you as far. 

Don’t leave anyone out when involving employees in choosing business software. After all, every person can contribute with valuable observations. That’s why you should talk to everyone on your team. Request feedback on the selected apps from everyone individually.

Like this, you will achieve two goals. First, you’ll gather more useful info. Second, you’ll send a clear message that everyone’s voice in your company matters.

Tell Them to Point Out Their Favourites

A good idea for involving your employees in choosing business software is to ask them this:

“If the final decision were up to you, what solution would you choose?”

Sometimes people go with the flow and hop on the most popular opinion (ever heard of groupthink?). Meanwhile, it’s better to ask each of them what is their potential favourite and why. 

Have a Discussion

It doesn’t have to be another meeting nobody needs. Choose your channel – a company chat, a video call, a quick chat in the coffee room. 

You can do it under twenty minutes. But do gather your team and have a brainstorm about which app to use, which to avoid and what are their thoughts so far.

All of them will be using it one day. And so, all of them should discuss the options.

Let Them Vote

Voting is another good way to get a general idea of what your people think about adopting new software. Run a poll in the company chat or do a good old “raise hands” during a meeting.

The results don’t have to determine your final decision. But they will show you what your team prefers. And that you definitely should take into consideration.

Show Them How They Can Solve Their Daily Problems

Different people can have different tasks and responsibilities – especially in small teams. Make sure to take your time to sit down and show them how technology can help them.

It will require some research on your side, but it’s worth it. Show the sales reps how they can manage follow-ups more easily. Let your marketers see how they can streamline creating content for social media. Show how simple it is to restock when an inventory management platform displays lacking products.

Examples work better than dry theory, but there’s more to it. If you take time to talk to everyone individually and show them benefits related specifically to their job, you prove you care.

You prove you take each of your employees seriously and genuinely wish to help them.

And that’s not something to underestimate.

Involving Your Employees in Choosing Business Software Can Change the Final Outcome

Choosing business software might be up to the management. But involving your employees should be an indispensable part of the process. The benefits are plenty: from strengthening your employer-employee relations to getting more feedback.

Are you about to innovate your team with new technology? Be sure to hear out your team. They can help you make the final call.

Keep them involved. Let them feel their voice matters.