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Why Is Choosing the Right Software So Important?

Choosing the right software for your business? What’s that supposed to mean? After all, any platform will do, right? So long it gets the job done and doesn’t cost too much, it should be fine.


With so many alternatives available, there are plenty of “right” and “wrong” options.

And sometimes, the wrong options – those that you’ll eventually give up on – mask themselves well. Unless, that is, you know about all the things to avoid in business software.

Making the right software choice for your business matters for many reasons.

You’re about to learn all about them.

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Paying for a premium account isn’t the only cost related to buying business software. Researching and testing that you spend time on also drain your financial resources.

The process here is simple. Platforms that don’t meet your needs end up replaced. When that happens, you’ll repeat the entire software selection process – again and again.

You’ll keep spending time and money on performing the same task – hoping the next app will stick.

It’s costly. It’s frustrating. And it definitely shouldn’t be so.

Instead of wasting money on subscriptions that you won’t use, you could invest it in your business.

Avoid the necessary costs. Try to nail your business software choice from the start.

Save Time

Your time is precious. And being stuck in a repeated process of chasing the best software is a waste of it.

It’s not just about the “time is money” rule (even though it’s very true). It’s also about spending time repeating tasks that may end up in failure once more.

You’re not networking, doing cold outreach or nurturing relationships with your clients. You’re researching and testing the tenth platform to see if it works. Or trying to make it work for you this time.

Remember: the right platform will free up your schedule. You’ll have more time to do the important tasks, not less.

Avoid Confusing and Irritating Your Employees (or Yourself)

Things that won’t work as we’d like them frustrate us.  By choosing the right software, you’ll prevent that.

Think about it this way. You and your team tried three different platforms so far. You hoped it would increase productivity and revenue. Instead, nobody could figure them out. Your less tech-savvy people gave up on it altogether. Working with these platforms took more time than doing things the “old way”.

In such a scenario, you’ve achieved the following: 

You wasted your and your people’s time.

You frustrated everyone in your company.

You discouraged your employees from using any other similar platforms.

The last point is particularly dangerous. Discouraged people are likely to miss the benefits of using business software.

Avoid Costs and Hassle Related to Moving Databases

Each time you decide to settle down with a new solution, you need to fill it with data to achieve the desired results.

It means either importing or manual input of the information you work with daily. This could be either every pending project, inventory summary or client database.

It’s often a long or complex process (sometimes both). And if the given platform isn’t right, it’s done in vain, too. As soon as you discover that this or that platform won’t do, you’ll have to move the data.

And the bigger your data asset is, the more hassle comes with the task.

This is one of the most crucial reasons for choosing the right software. If you settle down with the first or second platform and it works for you, you transfer the data once or twice. It won’t get damaged, lost or mixed up. And you won’t spend so much of your time on moving it from one platform to another.

Make Software Adoption Easier

To simplify it, the “wrong” software is the one that doesn’t work for your team – for that or another reason.

Whether the app fits or doesn’t fit your business will affect if will your team adopts it. If it’s too complex, too confusing, or doesn’t help at all – your employee will resist it.

Of course, resisting new technologies can take place even if the match is correct. But if there’s no match at all, all attempts of implementing software in your team will be futile. In the end, you’d rather take another road than endure the constant bumps on the current one.

Choosing the right software is about avoiding that bumpy road in the first place. Or at least about minimizing the impact and make the adoption easier.

Be Able to Scale Your Activities

If you work with the wrong software, scaling your current activities will be hard. Or sometimes even impossible. 

It might be because of your issues with figuring out the platform or its original design. In either case, you’ll probably have problems expanding beyond what you’re doing now.

In contrast, a good app supports your growth. That’s why you want to make the right choice when it comes to business software. To be supported rather than hindered.

Avoid Losing Clients

A “wrong” solution can lead to losing clients in many ways. From most obvious and dangerous (like bugs and data loss) to less evident. The latter can come from you or your people using the platform incorrectly. This can lead to missing opportunities, dropping leads and forgetting about follow-ups.

Meanwhile, the right solution will do the opposite. It’s going to help you maintain and grow your client base – often automatically.

Make Choosing the Right Software Your Priority

From dodging costs to avoiding frustration, it will make your work a whole lot easier.

Be thorough. Be demanding. Keep your eyes peeled on what’s not working. When it comes to business, every incorrect decision slows you down.

Avoid that by choosing the right software.